Our goal is to promote and encourage an association of social minded persons in the lifestyle interested in social, charitable, and political causes within their community. We create a discreet and friendly atmosphere without any pressure or obligation. All members of "The Club" are expected to be cordial and law abiding at all times. Club Hedonism is a private club operated under a non-profit corporation and does not assume legal responsibility for the conduct of its members. The club reserves the right to ask anyone to leave and revoke membership of any persons who become undesirable, unruly, or engage in illegal acts, this includes possession or use of any drugs in or on the property of the club. Club Hedonism is a private, members only bottle club (B.Y.O.B.). We do not sell liquor. All bottles must go behind the bar under Florida law. Members may leave their bottles during their active membership without liability for breakage or loss by accident. Abandoned bottles will be removed promptly and destroyed. All members of Club Hedonism do agree upon acceptance to be bound by all rules and regulations. Every member must be legal age with proof of same. Each member acknowledges that he/she is aware that Club Hedonism is a private membership social club established exclusively for the use of its members.


I/We hereby apply for membership at Club Hedonism. I/We agree to be bound by any and all rules and regulations and/or by-laws which may be in existence or from time to time added or amended with the understanding that I/We do not agree, My/Our only recourse is to resign. I/We certify that I/We are of legal age and are here by My/Our own free will.

After your application has been reviewed by the membership committee, you will be notified by email if it has been approved and if it has been approved, you will need to come to the club, on a night that we are open, and will be assigned a membership number upon your final application signature.

All information submitted is strictly confidential, for internal club use only and will not be distributed to any other party.

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